The technology used to sense glucose is graphene, graphene is material of carbon or graphite or single atomic layer of carbons in a hexagonal lattice Graphene, emerging as a true 2-dimensional material, graphene has received increasing attention due to its unique physicochemical properties, it’s transparent, light weight , flexible,high electrical conductivity and high optical transparency make it a candidate for transparent conducting electrodes.


Innovose Innovations is a privately owned and independent company.

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Our Team

Sirisha Adimatyam

CEO & Founder

Sirisha is a visionary and strategist, With her immense passion and desire she seeks to invent a medical breakthrough. Her passion for prevention over reactive medicine for diabetics digital Health is one of the most promising ways of delivering that.
With her background in technology and keen interest in connected health and IOT platforms she combined the fields of health care and technology into a company that creates patient education and health visualization. Couple of years ago she was diagnosed with a type 2 diabetes, a disease that gave her the insight into patient needs and requirements and helped her understand the difficulties and hurdles that have to be taken when developing new mHealth and digital health solution for diabetic care. Her passion for developing new digital solutions for people with a chronic disease made her to be a devoted member of the digital health community.

Dr.Anthony "Tony" Turner

Originally a Biochemist, who since 1980 has played a leading role in establishing the field of Biosensors: Edited the principal journal in the field, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, since co-founding it in 1985 and published the first text book on Biosensors in 1987 Founded the World Congress on Biosensors in 1990 and Chaired it since then 750 publications and patents in the field of biosensors and biomimetic Sensors;400 keynote and plenary lectures; H Index 70 Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), 2 higher doctorates, Foreign Associate of the USA National Academy of Engineering, Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering (IVA), 2016 gold medal winner Ukrainian Academy of Sciences & Datta medal from FEBS Led the team that pioneered the technology that now dominates the home blood glucose monitoring market ($13b), headed numerous commercial sensor development projects and continues to work for and advise companies and governments worldwide in analytical biotechnology and technology transfer Numerous start-ups and board memberships since 1983.

Dr. Tautgirdas Ruzgas

Technical director

Prof. Biomedical Technology; PhD in Biochemistry; docent in Analytical Chemistry. Main research interests and expertise in electroanalysis, application of electrochemistry for characterisation of enzymes, cells and tissues (e.g., skin), development of (bio)sensors and their application for non-invasive sensing and monitoring of drug delivery (e.g., topical drug delivery). Coordinator of several international research projects in the area of enzymology, array biosensors, and drug delivery.

Poorna Dronamraju

Co founder

Poorna as a Senior Product Manager has been handling numerous complex Projects in different domains on Med Tech projects ,Telecom, IOT ,IT upgrade and ERP rollout projects. Poorna had always been product visionary for the innovative ideas to bring into life and rollout in the market. Poorna has also undergone Various trainings from people mangement to driving projects he will be using software expertise in UI design and cloud integration.

Dr.Bertil Ekman

Health advisor

Bertil Ekman works as a specialist in endocrinology and diabetology and internal medicine (general medicine) at Linköping University Hospital and is an adjunct associate professor in Endocrinology at Linköping University, Linköping. He has 25 years of experience as principal investigator/coinvestigator in phase 1-4 clinical trials in the field of endocrinology and diabetology (both investigators initiated and sponsor initiated trials). Has written or participated in more than 30 peer reviewed publications in in the field of endocrinology and diabetology.

Ulf G Andersson

CEO Medeon Science park

Ulf G Andersson is the CEO of Medeon AB and has been holding various positions in the past including CEO of Verksamhetschef (Medical Malmö of sweden), Board Member of AlzeCure Foundation , Chairman of Nano med North Ulf G Andersson has extensive experience in the life science industry, including in senior positions in Dignitana, Dako, Euro-Diagnostica and Cellavision.

Victoria Rydengård

Projektkoordinator Medeon Science park

Victoria Rydengård currently Project Manager at Medeon Science park , co-ordinating at Medeon incubation and helping out to startups focussed on MedTech Projects. Victoria has been Research Scientist,BioMedical Scientist

Marianne Larsson

Innovation Skane

Marianne is the Director for New Industries and Innovation, a much appreciated business advisor and project manager of HealthTech Nordic. Marianne founded the Mobile Heights Business Center, Nordic Connected Health Star Track, and with international partners, HealthTech Nordic. Prior to Innovation Skåne Marianne worked for 15 years in international business development at Tetra Pak and Alfa Laval, as well as nine years as an entrepreneur and management consultant in various industries. She is often consulted by national innovation agencies for her expertise and as a juror – for example in the popular Swedish reality show Uppfinnarna (The Inventors) in TV4, The Swedish Mobile Awards and E-health Awards.